1. Must be a current paid PSA Member.
2. Must have a current M-Cap certification.
3. Must be available for an orientation meeting on Monday night of the convention.
4. Must be available during the trade show hours on Tuesday and Wednesday for your assigned contest time.
5. Must be one of the first 16 technicians to register by Friday September 20, 2019.
6. Must agree NOT to discuss any answers or solutions of the assessment for this contest with ANYONE until ALL        contestants have completed the entire contest on Wednesday. Penalty will be disqualification of any and all people discussing the answers or solutions of the assessment.
7. During the contest you will be assessed on but not limited to:
    a. Your knowledge of general appliance repair.
    b. Your customer relation skills.
    c. Proper use of common hand tools.
    d. Proper use of test equipment.
    e. Proper use of schematics and tech sheets.
    f. Use of diagnostic modes.
    g. Completeness/legibility of paperwork.
    h. Completeness of technician’s repair/report.
    i. Ability to explain diagnosis/repair to judge/customer.
8. All tools and test equipment will be supplied by PSA. If you would like to bring your own multimeter feel free to do so.
9. Scoring criteria:
20 possible points for assessment “a”
80 possible points for assessments “b – i” 10 points per assessment
100 possible total points
The tie breaker total time to complete all 9 assessments.
10. Awards:
$500.00 The Nation’s Top Tech overall highest total score.
$300.00 Runner-up second highest overall total score.
$200.00 Third place third highest overall total score.

If you have already registered for the NASC convention but would like to participate in this competition then click here
If you have NOT yet registered for the NASC convention then click here and once you have registered for NASC there will be a link to register for "Top Tech"